Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Podcasts - My Saving Grace

The most amazing alternative to cable or listening to music, that I have found, is online talk radio.  Now I know you're probably thinking, umm no thanks!  But there are some amazing shows and plenty of great content out there.  This is how I got hooked:  

At my job, I am able to listen to music or whatever with ear buds.  I've been at my job for 3 years.   So just listening to music, especially in the middle of the night, can become boring.  Not to mention, music just isn't the same as it used to be!  So I found a talk radio app called Sticher.  Side Bar:  I never thought that I would ever listen to talk radio.  

So initially I began searching for mommyish stuff.  I don't have any mommy friends that I talk to on a consistent basis, so at that time when Miss Li was still really young, I had a strong desire to interact with  other moms and share experiences.  When I stumbled across Mommies Cocktail Hour, I thought, "moms having drinks, this should be good."  After one episode I was hooked!  I have been listening for 3 years now, and I love love love those ladies.  Their kids range in ages, and I have learned a great deal from them.  Topics on parenting, balancing being a wife and mother, "Fabulous Finds", and so much more.  I recommend this podcast to women who don't have children as well, these girls are hilarious.

Another podcast that I am obsessed with is Dave Ramsey's podcast.  He talks about getting out of debt and creating wealth.  Suzie Orman's podcast is also in my favorites list.  She talks about the same money topics, but both shows are completely different.  With my mission to save money, these two are always in my ear.  I can't get enough!

Joyce Meyer is also on my favorites list.  I don't go to church regularly but I adore Joyce. She keeps it super real, relatable, and she makes me laugh too.  I really appreciate her approach to sharing God's word.  Very different from anyone else I have ever heard.

The last but not least podcast in my favorites list is Simple Life Together.  This is about simplifying your life, and the couple that does this podcast are great.  They are genuine, helpful, and a pleasure to listen to.  They aren't casting as often as they used to, but please go back and listen to some of their older episodes.  They are really helpful in organizing and cutting back on the unnecessary.  

So these are my favs, but I do have several other ones that I listen to on a regular basis.  I am recently obsessed with The Frugal House, which hasn't had any new episodes for a year, but the information is still very valuable today. Naptime Radio is another mommy podcast and these two are really funny.  Different vibe from Mommies Cocktail Hour, but definitely one to check out.  

If you have any type of commute to work or a long drive to somewhere, you can pull up the app and listen while you are on the road.  There are a couple of great features too.  If you're listening to a show and you need to stop and come back to it at some other time, you can pause it and completely close the app.  When you come back to the show it will pick up right where you left off!  Also, if you are around a wireless network, you can download you favorite shows latest episode and listen to it offline!  This feature has worked wonders for me, since I have recently cut the cable off (which included wireless internet).  Any other podcast lovers out there?  And if so, what do you recommend?

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