Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kroger Sales 3.10.16

This weeks shopping trip was super successful.  I was able to get the bill to $50.31.  My budgeted goal for weekly shopping is $50, and I almost never get it right at $50!  So I'm really pleased.  I had a few packs of meat from the past few weeks in my freezer so besides menu items, I just stocked up on a few breakfast and pantry staples.  See below for my menu plan for the week.

Mix and Match Buy 5 Save $5 was the highlighted sale for this weeks circular.  I always find really great savings when they have this type of sale.  Here are a few of the items that I purchased from this sale: 

Post Cereal $1.77
Red Baron Pizza $2.79 (there is a digital coupon for $1 off when you buy two)
Gold Fish $0.99
Kraft Mayo $2.50
Land O Lakes Margarine $0.66
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix $1.50
Kens Salad Dressing $1.50
Kraft Salad Dressing $1.50

Some other noteworthy items:  Kroger brand canned beans and canned tomatoes are on sale for $0.50 per can!  I tend to stock up a bit on these.  They are perfect to add to a meal last minute because they are already cooked.  Red, yellow, or orange peppers were $0.99.  These peppers are both yummy and pretty, and typically cost at least $2 wherever you shop.

My proposed menu plan was possible due to the stock of meat I already have in my freezer.  For next weeks shopping trip, I'll have to purchase some more.  Menu planning has always been a struggle for me, so this loose plan is what I'll be cooking for dinner on whatever day I feel like cooking.  Also, whenever I cook, I make enough to have left overs.  I don't have the time to cook every single day. 

I have the following items already on hand:  ground turkey (Italian flavored, and taco flavored), family sized pack of chicken legs, lettuce, large can of tomatoes for spaghetti sauce, and brown rice (I buy my brown rice at Dollar Tree.  For some reason you can't mess this rice up even if you tried.  I love it!)

  • Spaghetti with ground turkey and tomato sauce, garlic bread and tossed salad
  • Tacos with black beans, brown rice , tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream
  • Jerk chicken (making this for the first time!), rice and beans, roasted carrots
  • Lunch:  PB&J, frozen pizza, salad, grilled cheese, leftovers
  • Breakfast:  pancakes, grits, cereal, eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, and toast (hubby makes breakfast every morning, so he will choose from this selection of items)
Always check you sales flyer for you area by going to

Stay tuned for next weeks shopping list and menu plan. 

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