Sunday, May 17, 2015

Off The Wagon

It's been quite a while since my last post.  I got pregnant and super crazy lazy all at the same time.  No really, I have been sleeping my life away for the most part while I'm not at work.  Scheduled cleaning, projects, and spending time with my family has all been put off for some much needed sleep during my first trimester (which I am nearing the end of).  Anywho, just wanted to regroup and update on a few things that have fallen by the wayside.

Couponing is damn near non existent at this point.  This pregnant lady has no clue what she wants to eat, so food shopping has been interesting and expensive.  With that said, I have completely busted my budget and savings on food and two vacas in April.  Doing real good huh!  I am still using a written budget, but have depleted my savings for nonsense purchases.  Word of advice:  if you are ever blessed with a bit of extra money, be sure to put/keep it in savings, pay a bill, or do whatever you intend it for fast.  Holding onto extra money has done nothing for me, but be spent on BS.  Sad I know.

I figured if I would post on my shitty job as the executive creator of drtcheap, and how I've been spending so frivolously, that perhaps, I would have a tad more incentive to hold myself accountable at this point.  After all, my savings are depleted (there wasn't much in there to begin with) and there is another mouth to feed on the way!  Stay tuned as I get back on track, while preparing for our new family member :)

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