Friday, November 14, 2014

Starbuck's Struggle

am coining the term "Starbucks Struggle" to explain a reoccurring social event that requires you to spend money.  This event can happen with family members, friends, or at work.  Case/pointe:  Every Wednesday morning I go to breakfast (Panera/Einstein Bagel/ or an actual sit down restaurant).  I get off of work at 6:30 am and have a meeting at 10 am.  Now I live about 1/2 hour from work, so going home and returning for the meeting doesn't make sense as far as gas $ and time.  So I hang around with my co-workers until meeting time.  Naturally that puts us at a restaurant and a trip to Starbucks; how else are we going to stay awake for the meeting (lol)

have come to the realization that the Starbucks/breakfast trips need to stop.  I really enjoy that down time, with my co-workers.  I feel like i'm out with friends (and I almost never get outings with friends).  While there is no pressure to go and or spend money, I want the restaurant foods and specialty coffee.  I work hard, don't I deserve it?  Sure I do, but can I afford it?  Nope!  Now the logical thing to do would be to bring my breakfast food with me.  Also, I get a surplus of free coffee at work.  I could completely bring my "to go" cup to Starbucks with some coffee from work (FYI we sit outside of Starbucks).  But I know myself, and I would rather abstain all together.  So instead of going to Starbucks with my co-workers, I am going to use the time on Wednesdays to work on "drtcheap"!  Now, i'm not sure if I'll just stay at work and use the break room, or if i'll go the library or something (it's not far from my job).  I'll keep you all posted on my Starbucks struggle.  Do you feel the "Starbucks Struggle" at your workplace?  What kind of things do your co-workers do regularly that you aren't able to participate in because of finances?

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