Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kroger Sales 1/21/15

$50 shopping trip at Kroger was successful today.  I LOVE KROGER!  They had this awesome sale of random items where if you Buy 6 "said" items (mix/match) you get to take advantage of the sales price.  So I won't do a verbatim brake down, but here are some of the highlights.  

First off I would have spent $86 on this shopping trip, but I had $7.20 in manufacturer coupons ($1.20 of those were "peelies" I picked up in the store) and I had the rest from one Sunday paper.  The other $25 in coupons, or savings, were comprised of the sales that Kroger had today.  My total bill was $53!  Ignore the alcohol at the bottom of the receipt :)

I really like "Shopping the Sales" at Kroger because you can really get a random selection of food for great prices.  Now, $50 is only half of my two week food budget.  So I have the rest of my the funds to spend on bread (if I get too lazy to make my own), eggs, fresh veggies, and meats for dinner.  Please look at my post on how I "Shop the Sales" and see how you can save money when doing your weekly shopping.  I may or may not buy the rest of my food items at Kroger.  It merely depends on what sales come available on Sunday at other stores and what I am planning to cook for the weeks to come.

Other shopping highlights:
-I hit the clearance isle and found taco sauce, and canned goods for less than $0.50
-I also got a box of Fruit Loops and a large apple sauce for $1.25
-All my other boxes of cereal were $2.00 a box
-They also had several types of greens, lettuce, and several fruits on sale for $0.99/lb.
-Almost everything else was purchased from the Buy 6 and Save sale

Keep in mind, I had a pack of Pull Ups and two packs of wipes on my shopping list totaling $9.50 (normally $12.50 at Kroger and Walmart - I shop there too sometimes).  I also purchased two Arm and Hammer detergents for a sale price of $1.75 per bottle (sale price + $1.50 coupon).  So if your not potty training a toddler and or in need of laundry detergent, you could use that extra money to spend on other food items.  I highly recommend shopping at Kroger if you have one in your area.  If not, do you have a store where you live that has great sales like this?

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