Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hall Closet Re-Do

Have a new and functional closet at no cost!  Watch how I reuse and repurpose things around the house in order to create a fully functioning space that can fit your needs.

This is my hallway closet.  I guess people typically store coats, vacuums and what not.  I don't know, we've always had a mishmash of things.  I had the desire to have this closet house our daily worn coats.  Sounds silly, but our coats tend to land on the backs of the dinning room chairs.  This has been a completely wasted area in my house.  Clearly a bunch of stuff just tossed in here on the floor.  So I cleaned it up, and took out everything that already had a home elsewhere in the house (ex:  wrapping paper goes upstairs).  I left everything else, and just re-ordered it a bit.  

There is now space to hang coats/and guests coats.  I took this picture after I removed about 7 sweatshirts that no longer fit anyone living in the house (off to goodwill they go).  

My daughters old hanging closet organizer now houses my random collection of bags, including the reusable ones for the grocery store, book bags, and totes.

The file boxes and computer paper box contains old and current items to be filed or shredded.  Thats a whole other project.  

This closet re-do cost me $0!  I just looked around the house for items that weren't being used anymore and re-purposed them.  More to come, check out my closet re-do for my clothes.

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