Friday, October 17, 2014

Who Is drtcheap

I am a proud mother and wife, and it's probably the hardest job I have ever had! I have powered through the depths of hell (getting a degree in biochemistry) and had a bit of an interesting childhood, born and raised in NJ. But balancing the life of a working wife and mother, whew! No easy feat. My toddler is 2.5 years old and OMG she is a handful!!! Miss busy body, and into everything. My husband works from home (stay tuned for information on his home based business), and cares for the toddler while I'm sleeping/working. I started this blog to join with others on similar journeys, those that have a desire to save some extra money, and people who love to or want to be better at organizing their lives.  And let's not forget about the folks who enjoy reading what comes out of my head and onto a page :)
It's no mystery why most people need to save money. I am no different. We have normal debt around here. Mortgage, credit cards, car loans, and student loans. While I am not a coupon expert at this time, I aim to be one very soon LOL. And by no means am I a certified professional organizer, but organization has been a longtime passion of mine. I'm looking forward to being debt free, saving money every time I go grocery shopping, being innovative with ways to "not" spend money, and to share with others while doing it.  I hope you all find these posts useful, encouraging, or just plain old enjoyable!

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